Public Sector Bid Writing & Support

After spending 5 years in the higher education sector where most contracts are issued through a formal tendering process, we have scored bids from all ends of the spectrum - from the poorest quality bids from FTSE 250 companies to well thought out and considered bids from micro businesses. The size of the business, in our experience, has little to no effect on the quality of bids being submitted to win public sector contracts.

When we formed Denham Procurement & Sourcing Solutions in 2014, one of our core passions became helping businesses, in particular SME’s, write better bids and win more public sector work. Since 2014 Denham Procurement & Sourcing Solutions has worked with many companies, including several Top 100 Construction Companies. We have also helped an SME construction business win a place on a 5-year Government construction framework which was pivotal for their growth plans.

Our customer said “Thanks for all your help, we received notification that we were successful with our bid!”

In 2017, Denham Procurement & Sourcing Solutions assisted a supplier to the higher education market win a place on a significant 4-year framework. We continue to work with that supplier on a regular basis to ensure that their proposals under the framework give them the best possible chance of success.

Our customer said

“ We have worked with Denham Procurement & Sourcing Solutions closely on a range of tenders since late 2017. They have delivered a constantly high level of service at all stages, and when required have really gone above and beyond the call of duty, including working into the early hours.

Denham Procurement & Souring Solutions have always sought to understand our business goals and then deliver support and solutions to achieve those goals with us. On occasions this has even included not bidding for business which would not fit our business model, demonstrating both understanding and truthfulness, high value qualities”

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