Demand, Project & Move Management

Within days of starting Denham Procurement & Sourcing Solutions in 2014, we secured a meeting with a supplier of apprenticeship training programmes to discuss how we could reduce their business costs.

During the meeting, the MD of the business advised that they were in the process of developing a significant building they had recently purchased. The building had been left empty since it was vacated 2-3 years earlier by a large telecoms company who used it as a call centre. The project was not going well and with the experience of Capital Projects in the team, we were asked whether we could assist. Within 48 hours, we were on site.

Over the next 9 months, we worked with the builders work contractor to assist them in procuring their materials on a more cost effective way, as well as project managing the transformation and controlling all build costs. This included tendering for trades involving mechanical and electrical, fire and intruder alarms, partitions and ceilings, window and door replacements, reception counter and cladding repairs. To ensure best value for the client, several packages were procured on a labour, plant and materials basis; for others, Denham Procurement & Sourcing Solutions sourced all of the materials and employed labour only subcontractors.

The total project value ended up being just under £2m, this included extending our scope to include the purchase of a forklift, mortar mixers, IT equipment and telephony, furniture/office supplies, photocopiers, vending machines, utilities and even cleaning supplies! We also assisted the client by project managing the move from their existing facility into the new building. We even spent the weekend before the final move in the new facility ensuring that the stationery cupboard was stocked and there were toilet rolls in the bathrooms. When the client’s team walked into their new desks on Monday morning, we were on hand to ensure they settled in well, they knew where their desks were and how to log into the phones system, IT systems and access the new ‘follow me printing’. To round things off and welcome the team, there was a bouquet of flowers on the reception counter with a welcome to your new offices card!

Our customer said

“ Thank you both for your dedication! We know it was a tough ask, but you worked tirelessly. The best part being that the savings you made covered all of your costs! By the way, the staff all loved the flowers. A very thoughtful touch. Thank-you!"

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